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•   Erick Giraldez #1033  11/21
•   Jerry Russell #196  10/15
•   Garret Bailey #989  9/30
•   Charles (Chuck) Bach #607  9/24
•   Charles (Rick) Russell #349  9/23
•   Kenneth (Kim) Brimer #144  9/18
•   Brett Merritt #544  9/5
•   M. Thomas (Tommy) Mason #159  8/13
•   Joel Moore #334  8/12
•   John T. Hill #255  8/8
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You are invited to be a part of a conference call December 4th at 3:30 PM to discuss the future of our Texas Eta Chapter. If you are interested please private message Joel Moore on this website or email him at with your Name, Bond # and return email address and once verified, he will provide you with the call-in instructions. Please share with all concerned Brothers. If they haven't joined the website, they will need to activate their profile for verification purposes.

Texas Eta Agenda
A) Chris Wren – Chapter Advisor #630
Steven Gregory – Alumni Chair #586
1) State of the Chapter and reasons for suspension
2) Discussions with Phi Delta Theta and SFA University officials
3) What it takes to re-establish a colony in two years
B) Paul Noyd – Texas Eta Housing Corp Chair #258
Fisher Trigg – Past Chair
1) Status of Texas Eta Housing Corp.
2) Mortgage amount, cost of carry, cash flow
3) History of the House and housing concerns
C) Paul Noyd - Texas Eta Housing Corp Chair #258
David Yates – Alamo Realty, Nacogdoches #215
1) Opportunities available with the current house
2) Lot ownership on Fraternity Row and zoning restrictions
3) Marketing options for the House
Texas Eta Housing Corp
Paul Noyd – Chair #258
Karl Lindekugel – Secretary #344
Dennis Mitchell #317
Loddie Naymola #339
Joel Moore #334
John Jamoz #617
Chris Wren #630
Past Members
Danny Vines, George Clark, Pete Jackson and Fisher Trigg

Dear Brother Phi,

On behalf of Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity, it is with regret that I announce the suspension of the charter of the Texas Eta chapter. The General Council, which is the Fraternity’s governing board, carefully considered all options and voted to suspend the charter. The decision to end operations and suspend the charter is the result of the chapter’s Risk Management Policy violations. Chapter operations will be discontinued until re-colonization efforts begin in the Fall of 2021. While this represents an unfortunate result for the short term, this decision also represents a commitment to the preservation of a long-term future for Phi Delta Theta at Stephen F. Austin State University.
By recolonizing the chapter, we hope to create the best scenario for the long-term future of Phi Delta Theta.  What does re-colonization mean?  Re-colonizing a chapter is an effort put forth by the university, international fraternity, and the alumni to rebuild, from the ground up, the overall operation of the chapter.  Re-colonizing requires the chapter be non-existent until the recolonization effort has begun.  Once the current generation of undergraduates has left the university, Phi Delta Theta alumni and headquarters staff will hand-select a group of young men to bring an undergraduate Texas Eta chapter back to Stephen F. Austin State University.  The chapter will maintain the Texas Eta designation, with Bond numbers beginning with the last Bond number in place at the time of suspension.
First and foremost, our goal has been to preserve the long-term existence of Phi Delta Theta at Stephen F. Austin State University. We believe, at this point, that re-colonization is a necessary step based upon the decision by the university and members’ actions.  We are pleased that the university and Phi Delta Theta have been able to establish a partnership to preserve the Texas Eta chapter and work toward insuring its long-term health.
As we keep you informed of our return efforts, please double-check that your contact information is up-to-date by going to the Member section of our website at and clicking Update Your Info. 
Please feel free to contact me with questions regarding this decision at
Yours in the Bond,

Dylan M. Berg
Director of Chapter Services

We have created this website for the purpose of consolidating our resources and to improve communications with both actives and alumni. Please be advised that this site is not associated with our national organization and that we are by no means trying to disconnect from headquarters. Our objective is to collect contact information on all Brothers who have been associated with the Texas Eta Chapter only. It is password protected for that reason and no information will ever be shared with any outside concern. If we were to try to work off our existing chapter role spreadsheet, of the 900 names listed, we would have less than 600 entries with relatively up to date contact information. We would appreciate all of you taking time to update your profile by clicking on the blue "JOIN HERE", and make sure you include your bond number after your last name in the detail section of your profile. It is our hope that this website becomes the link to many of you rekindling old friendships and our open invitation to join us for many future events.


Joel Moore #334

Site Administrator 

Welcome to the Texas Eta website : The site has been developed for the entire chapter to enjoy and hopefully participate. It will be continually changing with your input, so don't hesitate to supply your ideas. All reasonable suggestions will be reviewed and implemented if at all possible.