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•   Joel Moore #334  3/31
•   Shon Husband #627  3/2
•   Doug Matlock #263  2/22
•   Robert Wakefield #563  2/5
•   Mark McIlwain #409  2/3
•   Garrett Mason Cullum #985  2/3
•   Heath Wayne Peterson #725  2/2
•   Charles Boyer #760  2/1
•   Matthew Tatum #915  1/31
•   Brice Hodge #849  1/30
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1 lives in Alabama
1 lives in Arizona
3 live in California
5 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
2 live in Georgia
1 lives in Guam
1 lives in Illinois
6 live in Louisiana
1 lives in Massachusetts
4 live in Missouri
2 live in Nebraska
3 live in New Jersey
1 lives in New Mexico
1 lives in North Carolina
1 lives in Ohio
1 lives in South Carolina
1 lives in South Dakota
2 live in Tennessee
300 live in Texas
1 lives in Virginia
2 live in Washington
596 location unknown


Please go to either  or to the right on this page, choose Donate Here in Blue right below the picture of the house and make a donation. The Donate Here goes directly to the GoFundMe site and properly tabulates your donation towards the campaign.

Texas Eta Housing Corporation

Brother Robert Crank's #387 addition of his 1981 chapter composite to his profile is an example of what needs to be in our secured memorabilia. Unfortunately, over time so many of these cherished composites have vanished and are lost for good. Looking at our current roster, we have representatives from every decade that could submit a composite for each year of our existence. I would like to start collecting the composites and add them to our Photos and Memorabilia cache. For the best results, I need a scanned photo at high resolution. When I mean HD, I mean you take it to one of the office supplies that has a large flatbed scanner that can produce a 50-megapixel photo with 8688 x 5792 resolution. This allows us to reproduce the photo into a 30 x 20 frame. We'll never do this, but it makes an incredibly clear master copy. The only alternative is to deconstruct Stone Fort annuals, which I know no one will want to do.  This is another request that requires all your help. 


Joel Moore #334

In light of all that is going on with the Texas Eta Chapter, I am once again taking the opportunity to ask all of you who are active on this website to please reach out to those Brothers who have not activated their profile and encourage them to join us. We have developed a wonderful repository for our Chapter memories, as well as resurrected friendships and we can't stop now. We have roughly a third of the Brothers who signed the Bond active on this website. The holidays allow us all the chance to make a twofold call to a Brother. I would greatly appreciate all of you taking the time to look for photos and memorabilia pertinent to the Chapter and send it all to me. Do worry about trying to scan and forward. I'll do it for you and consider it a privilege.


Joel Moore #334

We have created this website for the purpose of consolidating our resources and to improve communications with both actives and alumni. Please be advised that this site is not associated with our national organization and that we are by no means trying to disconnect from headquarters. Our objective is to collect contact information on all Brothers who have been associated with the Texas Eta Chapter only. It is password protected for that reason and no information will ever be shared with any outside concern. If we were to try to work off our existing chapter role spreadsheet, of the 900 names listed, we would have less than 600 entries with relatively up to date contact information. We would appreciate all of you taking time to update your profile by clicking on the blue "JOIN HERE", and make sure you include your bond number after your last name in the detail section of your profile. It is our hope that this website becomes the link to many of you rekindling old friendships and our open invitation to join us for many future events.


Joel Moore #334

Site Administrator 

Welcome to the Texas Eta website : The site has been developed for the entire chapter to enjoy and hopefully participate. It will be continually changing with your input, so don't hesitate to supply your ideas. All reasonable suggestions will be reviewed and implemented if at all possible.