TX Eta Housing Corp


The Texas Eta chapter is back at SFA! There is a great nucleus of new brothers who are working to do things right and most importantly build the chapter back up to where it should be. We have such a great advantage with the house across from the sororities! Brent Wiltshire, #410, Tom Mason #159, and Charlie Leslie #462 were recently at the house and some Alpha Chi’s walked by and said they were very happy PDT is back and are excited to have them back in the house soon!

Over the last 3+ years that the fraternity was off campus, there was quite a bit of vandalism done to the house. There is a lot of work needed to make it livable in the pods (living quarters) and to get the Chapter area fully presentable. That is where we need you to step in and step up to join other brother alums to raise funds to get the
house back where it needs to be so the brothers can move back in, it can start generating rent revenue and pay for itself.

The goal is to raise $500,000 to make all the needed repairs. The good news is that we have already raised over $250,000! However, we need brothers to help us get to the finish line. There have been a number of brothers who gave big resources to buy the land and build the house and then maintain it since it has been vacant. Now, we ask that you help honor their past giving by your gift of support now.

As Housing Corporation President I am committed to honoring and recognizing all who have given in the past and those of you who will be giving now. You can sponsor a room, a column, the fire pit, or just make a general donation. Whatever size gift you can afford, we just ask that you make a donation. Some brothers have been very successful and can afford larger donations, but we need many to support this effort at any level. We all benefited from the friends we made during our active PDT years, so please honor those friendships and pay it forward to the current and future brothers.

We have events in Dallas, Saturday, February 24; Houston, Saturday, March 2, and Nacogdoches, Saturday, March 23 to gather as brothers and talk about the specifics of the house and how brothers can help. You should have already started hearing about them via Evite, email, phone calls, and snail mail. If you are in or around those areas, please join us to see a lot of brothers and hear updates on the house and chapter.

See the flyer below to view what rooms and other sponsor opportunities are available. Contact me directly if you have any questions.


Yours in the Bond,
Craig W Moritz #432