TX Eta Alumni Assoc

Texas Eta Alumni Association provides:
- Alumni brotherhood, reunion events. Including a Summer golf tournament, regional cocktail parties, and tailgates. 
- Chapter financial support for Rush
- Alumni connections for graduating Brothers
- Texaseta.com alumni website
- Texas Eta alumni Facebook page
- Flowers/donations at funerals of Brothers

Your contributions are used in these areas to “Transmit the fraternity, Not only not less, but Greater than it was transmitted to me!"

We appreciate your donation of $100 per year, however, I ask you to consider and accept the challenge to support the Alumni Association with a donation of $100 per quarter. 

Lots of exciting activities are being planned for the future of our great Texas Eta Chapter and your contributions will help ensure that we are successful!

Upcoming  - February and March (Details to follow)
- Houston, Dallas, Nacogdoches, Longview, Austin Brotherhoods and Texas ETA Housing 

Thank you for joining and ensuring our Legacy Lives!

Yours in the Bond,

Chris Leonard #620, President Texas Eta Alumni Association