Housing Corporation

As Phi Delta Theta is still the only fraternity at SFA with a real house on fraternity row, it is imperative that we, as proud alumni, provide needed support. In the last couple of years significant funds have been raised for immediate needs and for shortfalls in necessary operating expenses. It has become apparent that it is now time to focus on "debt reduction". Once the mortgage debt is eliminated, the historic amount of revenue the chapter has been able to provide to the Housing Corp. will be sufficient to cover on going expenses. 

There is also a fund raising program that is specific to the elimination of the mortgage debt for those brothers who might be interested in making a larger donation than the Paypal account will allow. It is known as the "Circle of Champions" and more information is available from any of the board members of the Housing Corp. 

Paul Noyd  paulnoyd@gmail.com
Karl Lindekugel  klind333@gmail.com 
Dennis Mitchell  dmitchell@cox.net
Chris Wren  ckwren@gmail.com
Loddie Naymola kbab@ldserv.com