Chapter Grand

W. Earl Leith #30

Earl was born October 21, 1942 in Pampa, Texas and died October 24, 1996.

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Spencer L. Olesen #53

One of the gold dust twins from Pampa, Texas, Earl Leith came to SFA with Bill Cooper to join Earl's sister, Jeanine Leith Peurifoy.  Earl, like Bill, was blond, built like a brick outhouse and ready to get into some sort of trouble any moment.  I remember when Earl came, Jerry Peurifoy, said that SFA was probably not ready for Earl.  AND, we weren't for a moment.  But after laughing at his jokes and his antics, we got to know a smart, aften shy, and gentle man.  There was never a moment that I worried that if and when I needed someone to be on my side, I could call on Earl.  After I graduated, I kept up with Earl and saw him a couple of times when I went to Pampa.  That sparkle of fun in his eyes never changed.  Thanks Earl for the memories.


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Robert (Pops) Popplewell #91

The Papa boys came as a package that also included Tom Folmer and Bennett McCathern...they were all a breed apart and likely due to geophysical terrain with parched Earth and nada to do for fun except ride pump-jacks, drink impossible to obtain Coors, chase scantily clad young ladies, and stay in trouble w/typical boyish pranks back then!! God bless them all AND many of us saw Bill Cooper at the Kerrville gathering.

Om another note, Don Ivey was my Big Brother and he was THE ultimate stalwart conservative, indeed. W doomed for a tumultuous semester in the condemned Wisely was tumultuous due to Steve Growth and me having to actually SHARE a john in our two-room suite! Poor Don and Bob Wise as they were both soooo damn focused...but made their grades...buahahahaha! Those were some times and I wake up in a nightmare still at times of just what Froth could do in a small enclosed bathroom. ...the stench was insane.
YeeHawwww, the early years....!! Pops. #91. YITB

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