Chapter Grand

Joe Manry #41

Joe was born October 16, 1938 in Livingston, Texas and died on November 17, 1994 in San Antonio, Texas.

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Spencer L. Olesen #53

Brother Joe Manry was a bright and interesting person who was really never comfortable with the ideas of yesteryears' initiations. There was a "final prank" used during the final dinner before the Forester pledges were initiated into the club.  Manry just could not stand to see individuals hurt by the prank.  So, he notified me  that something would happen during the meeting and for me not to get too upset as it would be a joke.  When the evening occured, the names of those pledges who would become members were to be read.  If a pledge's name was not called, that meant, even though we had been told that every pledge was in, those members were not in.  Ear perked up, eyes went down to the table, and big brothers watched for any reaction from their mentees.  When Mr. Fondren did not call my name, I was immediately  upset, but as I walked out, I remembered Joe's reminder, and I then just played the game.  Of course, we were called back and given an ovation.  It was years before Jerry Peurifoy, my big brother, had any idea that his room mate, Joe Ed had told me.  Yep, Joe was the quiet one, but if anyone needed anything, or needed to know something, we went to Joe Manry.  I remember hearing of his death and thought that the world would be a rougher place without Joe Ed.

Spencer Olesen #53

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