Kenneth (Kim) Brimer #144

Profile Updated: September 18, 2019
Residing In Aledo, TX USA
Spouse/Partner Janna
Occupation retired
Children Bill born 1973, Kimberly born 1971
Military Service Air Force Reserve, Texas Air National Guard  

Served 20 years in the Texas Legislature, Tarrant Co, House & Senate.
Owned and sold American Insurance Agency, Inc, sold in 2000.
Janna & I have 10 grandkids.

School Story

Made a mock film of "The Graduate" for Greek Week Festival and the lines were long.
Beat the crap out of the Pikes in the full pads Greek Bowl 1967, they wouldn't play us any more!

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1968- Some how Horace was a lone pledge caught by the Magnificent 7 living in the two story house on North Street. For whatever reason and it didn’t take much, we decided to take a little starch out of phikiea Mast. There was a Robo Car Wash close by, so he was tied up and put in a pickup bed and run through the Robo. There was a concern that he might drown, especially when the colored attendant kept running circles around the pickup deeply concerned. It didn’t effect Horace a bit, he yelled for more! Never did I expect to be attending his funeral so soon. He had it all going for him and no doubt would be in leadership today  in so many ways. YITB

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